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Secure Pre-nuptial Agreement Instructions
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Welcome to the Agreements.co.uk 256 bit encrypted secure form that captures your confidential instructions for the bespoke drafting of your pre-nuptial agreement.

You don't need to complete it all at once; you can save what you've done, password-protect it, and return when you're ready.

If more convenient,
your fiancée can use your name and password to enter their information separately, either by your side or the other side of the world.    

The agreement shall remain a private, confidential document between you and your future spouse and will not enter the public arena, except in the unlikely event that it is litigated. 

We are keenly aware of the requirement for confidentiality, however even the simplest of agreements require you to disclose all your assets and income on a worldwide basis. This means that even if you're only intending to protect your main assets, or assets you hoped would remain secret, you will need to be transparent about all of them for the purposes of this this agreement. Failure to list all your assets may result in your agreement being set aside.

Once you become our client, we shall remain at your disposal to address any legal questions and concerns you may have.