Valuing estate assets

When dealing with an estate, an increasing problem for executors and administrators is the valuation of estate assets in the form of the chattels of the deceased. In probate terminology, chattels are the everyday assets such as furniture and ordinary possessions, as opposed to houses, investments and the like.

Agreements Limited can obtain a realistic and justifiable open market value for both real property and chattels, which should not be confused with the sums insured on these items.

In the case of financial investments and stocks and shares, we can professionally value these for you in a format that is acceptable to HMRC.

We also value specialised assets, such as works of art, stamp, book and coin collections etc., as well as cars and boats.

Any items specifically mentioned in the Will should be separately valued and, generally, single items worth more than £500 should be assessed individually. Items which are widely traded (e.g. musical instruments) can often be valued by reference to the prevailing prices on online auctions.




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