Pre-nuptial and Post-nuptial Agreements are pioneers in producing low cost legal agreements in the UK, and our legal contract writing business pre-dates the internet itself. In the mid-1980s our founders formed 'The Computer Law & Contracts Consultancy' - a cost saving formula that utilised a network of specialist freelance computer law barristers, as and when required, which we've again replicated across our various contract writing businesses on the Internet.

This method ensures:

  • greater specialist knowledge and expertise
  • quicker turnround in producing your agreements
  • a substantial saving on legal costs

As a ball park pricing guide, we usually charge about two thirds less than comparable legal services would normally be available to you.

How do we do it?

Firstly, being entirely web-based, we don't have any of the huge overheads, large office buildings, high salaries and partners' bonuses that solicitors' firms and barristers' chambers have to meet. We minimise costs by working over the Internet, and rarely meet clients face to face.

Secondly we fit our work in around the nine to five schedules of our network of specialist lawyers, who often work during evenings and weekends at economical fixed rates, a method that usually results in us getting your agreements to you a good deal faster that via the traditional route.

Our vast law library of the most recent precedents, our memberships of other top law libraries and our network of specialist commercial lawyers ensure that all agreements we produce provide an equal measure of protection as those produced by your company solicitors. The essential difference is that one costs you up to two thirds less than the other. Moreover, when we draft several agreements for one client, we are able to discount our pricing structure still further.

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide commercial and pragmatic agreements to a broad spectrum of commercial clients. Whether you are looking to bring a new concept to market, to take full advantage of the opportunities provided by the internet or to ensure that your existing contracts are suitable, we can provide the contractual solutions that you need at the most cost effective price.

* Typical examples:

  • 2 page confidentiality agreement: c. £600 through company solicitors - £200 through
  • 20 page Licence Agreement: over £3,000 through company solicitors - £1,000 drafted by one of our specialist commercial law barristers.

Both are expertly constructed by commercial lawyers to your brief.

Both offer you an identical level of protection, cover and security.

The essential difference is that Agreements Limited charge you two thirds less.

The fixed price you pay includes several redrafts where necessary. Additional redrafting is chargeable @ £80 per hour, again about two thirds less than the cost of instructing solicitors.

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