Personal Agreements

The draftsmen and women within our Private department have significant experience in handling the full range of legal matters and disputes encountered by individuals, families and their business interests. We understand the needs of our private clients, acting as their trusted legal draftsmen, and tailoring our advice to deliver results to fit each client and each dispute.

Typically private clients come to Agreements Limited because they are thinking of moving in together, want to share part of their property with someone else or even want to prevent someone else from claiming a share.

Perhaps you are thinking of taking in a lodger, but are worried about them refusing to pay and rent and refusing to leave or turning into the Flatmate from Hell! Now is the time to address the issue.

Maybe you want to lend a close friend or family member some money, but you have the good sense to want to formalise the relationship, just to make sure there is no later argument that it was a gift, or money you weren't really serious about being repaid. A properly drafting agreement will make sure that everything is on a business footing from Day One.

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