Drafting a Defence

Go into any high street solicitor and you'll find that the fees are open-ended. You may put a thousand pounds or more on account to get your agreement started, but very rarely will you have much idea about the eventual price you'll pay until the bill arrives.

That's because most solicitors are paid by the hour, or more accurately, by the hour plus parts of hours - even ten minute 'phone calls are added to your bill, rounded up and VAT added. Their way of working is that you'll pay whatever it ends up costing.

Agreements Limited is different. We start with the final price and that's the price we quote you. We are a fixed fee drafting firm. You may decide to alter your instructions to us and ask us to do more work, and then of course the price will alter to accomodate your new instructions, but you will always know where you stand so there are no nasty shocks at the end.

We believe in transparency, honesty and regular communication with our clients. We believe our clients are entitled to rely on the figure we quote, and if that worldload should increase, we will requote for the additional work so you always know where you are.




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