How We Work

Unlike most high street firms of solicitors, we work primarily over the internet. By reducing practice overheads and attracting legal talent who are free to work evenings and weekends, we can pass on significant savings to our clients, as well as turning our agreements around quicker than most law firms.

Although you are welcome to come for a face-to-face meeting at Fleet Street EC4, this does defeat the object of saving money by working over the web, so we will do the same as solicitors and charge you £100 per half hour for every meeting.

With certain agreements we collate all of the information we require from you over an interactive secure server. But this does not mean that we produce our agreements electronically. Once we have all the information we need, we draft your agreement bespokely in the traditional way to suit your own particular circumstances and requirements.

Unlike high street firms of solicitors, we do not charge you for every draft you require. At Agreements Limited the price we quote is the price you pay.

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